Falling in Love the Right Way

Falling in Love the Right Way. It is such a sweet and amazing thing. It is not just a feeling, but much more than that, it is a deeper and more intense feeling that can only be described as life. I think everyone REALLY has to experience a relationship before they die because it will really be unfair for some people not to. Unfortunately, many people think they have experienced it without knowing they have not. This is because the definition they give to love is so different from what it really is.

Love does not die off as a result of the absence of the person in view. It is not some feeling that when the person is not there, either by death or absence, it goes away. Love lasts forever. If you ever experience a true relationship, with the fights and arguments involved, right deep within you, you still have that intense and deep affection. That is why it baffles me to hear people say “it was love at first sight”.

Falling in Love the Right Way

With respect to everyone who has ever said that I strongly and totally disagree that there is anything as love at first sight. There are different levels of feelings one must go through before actually falling in love and it is bad that some people settle at a particular level and misinterprets it as a relationship. When you meet someone for the first time. There must be an attraction between you and the person for you to even initiate a conversation.

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This first stage is what some call “love at first sight” after they had maybe later fallen in love. The attraction is what makes the person you meet a potential lover. From the level of attraction, you now start to know each other, date, and along the way, fall in love. The duration of this stage can be short or long, but there are stages.

Feelings For True Relationships

Another major reason why people misinterpret other feelings for true relationships is good sex. Some persons actually call their ability to have good sex with their partner’s love. I do not believe that is love because the true relationship is not only dependent on the sex part. Sex is not in any way love. They are so different because most men from LetmeDate.com can have sex with just about anybody without even liking them.

For you to really be sure about what you feel, let there be some level of closeness and soul mating BEFORE sex so you do not get clouded by sexual feeling and call it a relationship. Spend time together doing lots of talking with a potential lover, lots of talking without sex I mean. Let there be some bonding without the sex part, that way. You will really know and like each other and then fall in love. I will still talk about sex versus date in a later article.

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