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Ghosting is in Relationships is an Anglo-Saxon term that applied to social relationships. Indicates a way to end a relationship, suddenly and without giving explanations to the other party. This practice has intensified in recent years thanks to new technologies and ways of establishing relationships. Through mobile applications, Whatsapp, Telegram and the like.

It is also a practice that can be found between people SharekAlomre. Who are beginning to meet through one of the many contact pages available on the Internet.

It is a practice that has always existed. Before, it was enough to not accept calls. When we knew who was on the other end of the phone. With the appearance of new channels of communication. It is a practice that has become very widespread, especially in relationships that are only a few days old.

Ghosting is in Relationships Example

Imagine that you have been dating someone for a while, you are getting to know each other. You go out to have fun, to have dinner, to have a drink, and suddenly. He or she no longer responds to your messages or calls. You don’t get any response. The other person has decided to cut to the chase and does not want to know anything more about you, without prior notice. Without giving explanations and in a categorical way. What’s more, he blocks you and you can’t communicate anymore. It is practically as if he had died.

That is Ghosting, an unhealthy practice that unfortunately is gaining popularity in an increasingly dehumanized world.

Find out What Ghosting is in Relationships  AnastesiaDate Scam

Causes that cause it

Now that you know what ghosting is, you have to ask yourself, what causes it ? One may think that a person who practices ghosting must not be very right in the head or is very fed up with the other person to act this way.

I once suffered ghosting, although I didn’t give it much importance because. It was a relationship that had just started and we were still getting to know each other. But one day suddenly he stopped communicating with me and that was it. I didn’t know anything more about her.

Like I say, we were just starting to date and he didn’t know anyone in his family. So it was between the two of us.

Where ghosting is of concern is when it happens in a longer. More established relationship . It is not the same that they cut off communication with you when you have been with someone for 2 weeks than when you have been with someone for 2 years.

In general, ghosting is attributed to the following 3 factors:

Lack of Self-Esteem or Excessive Introversion

There are people who, when they start a relationship. Think that they do not deserve that person and decide to close themselves off and not go ahead with it. It is a somewhat inexplicable position but it makes sense if we see it from the point of view of those who practice it.

These people believe that they are not good enough for SharekAlomre.Com others and decide to cut their losses before causing greater damage. That is really only in their imagination. This lack of self-esteem makes them not want to explain themselves out of shame or for any other reason.


Another reason to “ghost” another person is not knowing how to tell them that they are not interested in you. There are many people who have a hard time saying “No” and choose the easiest way: Cut all contact to avoid conflict.

It is a way of acting motivated by the fear of admitting to the other that he is no longer interested. And to avoid going through that drink, he chooses not to have to discuss it in person or on the phone.

It is preferable to talk things over and settle them before ghosting. Since once the bad experience of the breakup has passed for whatever reason, all that remains is to look forward. In short, this case is similar to the previous point and is related to psychological problems that need professional help.

Desire to do Harm

That there are bad and vengeful people in the world is well known. Ghosting for the purpose of harm is perfectly possible, especially in ups and downs and long-term relationships. The weariness of one of the parties can be the trigger or a way to protect themselves against infidelity.

Ghosting is in Relationships Victims

Although the practice of ghosting focuses on the person who causes it, there are many consequences that it leaves among its victims. Without going any further, I spent several days without sleeping and with a certain degree of nervousness due to that sudden break in the relationship that I suffered and that I mentioned above.

In my case, it was relatively easy to overcome since it was a relationship with a little-known person, but when the relationship is much more advanced, it is really hard since the victim is denied the main way to understand what is happening: the communication.

She is left wondering what the hell happened and worrying about her partner when he has consciously and selfishly decided to leave the relationship forever. This uncertainty causes great pain and can be the trigger for more serious acts such as suicide attempts due to misunderstanding and the feeling of guilt that floods the mind of the victim.

The symptoms can be greatly aggravated if the affected person suffers from problems such as anxiety, depression or low self-esteem.

Without a doubt, the worst examples of ghosting are those that happen in relationships and friendships that are years old. In that case, it is hard to face the loss of the other person, especially if you do not know what the reason was.

In some cases, the victim may feel like a dispossession, a failure and take responsibility for what has happened as their own. A reaction similar to that experienced when a family member or friend dies is also common.

How to Deal with Ghosting is in Relationships

What to do after going through a drink like this is a complicated question since the person who has suffered this practice in his flesh is never the same again and has trouble trusting someone he does not know again, fearful that the same thing will happen again. situation.

Also, ghosting leaves a feeling of uncertainty that I don’t recommend to anyone, since you don’t know if the relationship is over or not, or really what to expect. If the relationship was not going well or there had been previous discussions, it is easier to know how to focus on the problem and find a solution. destroys the victim and makes her suffer so much.

To deal with ghosting, I recommend putting yourself in the hands of a professional or, if it is not possible, relying on family and friends to try to understand and provide a solution. Once the inevitable and painful initial phase is over, it is advisable to find new friends or hobbies that keep you entertained and that make you forget the ordeal you suffered.


There is no use complaining when we know that our old partner has cut his losses and is probably enjoying himself in the company of another person, because let’s not kid ourselves, many cases of ghosting are motivated by the presence of a third party whom we do not know and who is the trigger of the end of the relationship.

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