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The Rules of Online First Dates when it comes to flirting have changed. Forget all that stuff about playing hard to get, expecting the man to pay (if that goes for you), or never having sex on the first night. Nowadays things are a bit simpler and I want to tell you my list of essential things for first dates.

My 20 Rules of Online First Dates

Yes, I know that 20 rules are many and you don’t have to follow YourLatinMates them all, but at least you’ll have an idea of ​​what works and where the shots go…

  1. Modesty Isn’t Cool

    Many profiles of people looking for a partner begin with phrases like, “I’m not very good at this or that.” By doing that you’re not doing yourself a favor. Putting yourself down will not make you seem attractive but rather needy and insecure.

  2. …not bragging either

    Being confident is sexy. Not being cocky and arrogant. “I’m not a very good cook, but I’m a funny cook” may be fine, but “I have an amazing job but no one understands why I’m single” is just overkill.

  3. “I love music and being with friends” Ermmmmm

    The goal of online dating is to get the attention of someone with whom you supposedly have a lot in common. You achieve this by being original, and above all, specific about your interests. Instead of saying you like sunsets, mention the best sunset you’ve ever seen. Say what music you like, and your favorite place to see your friends. Specific information makes you seem more interesting.

  4. Never admit that your profile has been written

    It may sound stupid but there are still people who don’t write their own profile and ask someone for help. If you have, please don’t acknowledge it in public. You’re going to look like a complete jerk.

  5. Save your moves for another time

    Most adults have a long history of breakups, arguments and moves with exes. Don’t mention it to your new date, at least not at first. They probably don’t want to know anything about it. Leave it for later.

  6. Eliminate the wish list

    This goes especially for the aunts. Many online profiles look like shopping lists. «I am looking for someone with blue eyes, six feet, handsome, blond, 20 centimeters minimum, etc.» All this is also applicable to men, but much less frequent.

Knowing what you like is fine, but putting it on a profile so openly makes you look like a diva who demands a lot and offers little. Have you stopped to think Rules of Online First Dates what you have to offer YourLatinMates.Com in exchange for all that you ask for? I know very well that today there is a lot of loose paganta and that you have it very easy, but let me tell you that being demanding makes you seem maniacal and childish.

20 Unwritten Rules of Online First Dates  AnastesiaDate Scam

  1. No photo? See you later

    I don’t have to say it, but just in case. It is mandatory to put photos on your dating page profile. How are they going to want to contact you if they don’t know what you look like?

  2. Just one photo? No man no

    Everyone who likes your main photo will want to see more. Especially since a single photo is not enough to know your true appearance. Put at least two or three.

  3. Do not lie with the photos

    A misleading photo will backfire on you. Potential dates will knock on your door…and then what? If you get together and they find out that your photo was taken a decade ago, it won’t work out. Be honest.

  4. Sexy photos won’t get you far

    Whether you’re a man or a woman, a bawdy photo will only make you look desperate and only interested in sex. This is much more common in men than in women and does not usually work unless both of you are only looking for sex and you agree.

  5. Don’t get your hopes up with just a photo

    Photos and WhatsApp messages are great for seeing the potential of a date, but don’t waste time imagining things that aren’t. Maybe later when you meet in person you will feel disappointed.

  6. Things to do if nobody contacts you

    It is a fact that there are more men than women on online dating sites, so they have the upper hand. Don’t despair if you don’t succeed at first. Take a look at the most visited profiles and get ideas. Improve your profile or try to change the photos for more attractive ones.

  7. Playing tough doesn’t work

    I think I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Be proactive. You don’t have to write an epic love letter to a girl to get her to notice you. Look at something that Rules of Online First Dates catches your attention in her, and write her a short message introducing yourself. Likewise, they will not be interested in you if you take days to answer, because they will quickly find someone else to go out with. Time is money in online dating.

  8. You don’t have to reply every

    time Newbies sometimes assume they have to reply to every email they receive even if it’s a “Thanks but no thanks” type. Don’t bother, if so and keep looking.

  9. Have a quick date or leave the messages

    Do not let an email or WhatsApp conversation go on for weeks without having a date. I think that five or six emails is more than enough to know if someone wants a date or not.

  10. Don’t expect too much from a first date

    You’re going to meet a stranger. You may not like each other, or only one may like the other, so keep that in mind. Don’t go with high expectations.

  11. It may take several dates to meet someone you like

    It’s easy to lose faith when your first few dates don’t work out. It is difficult for you to find someone compatible with you on the first try. Take it as a positive experience, not as something negative. Learn from bad or boring dates and try again.

  12. Pay half

    Do not be a henpecked or a payoff. Being a gentleman means being attentive, serious or fair, not paying everything on the first date.

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  1. Sex on the first date? Why not? 

    Having sex on the first date doesn’t make you a lousy character. You are adults, you agree and use protection. What’s the problem? Whether it seems good to you or not, the point is to be comfortable with the other person. Don’t do something you don’t want to do.

  2. Call the next day

    Ignore those rules that say to wait three days to get back in touch.  You like someone, you have nothing to lose by letting them know. They are interested they will let you know. If not, you’ll know and you can move on.

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