Love vs Being in Love

Love vs Being in Love. When people marry, they transform from being two individuals from dating websites to just one. This is what happens when the sacrament of matrimony binds them. Legally and in the eyes of God. They are now a single person having the capacity to act on behalf of or in the place of each other. This is because it is believed that when two people come together in the name of God. They become a single soul and their unity becomes a lifelong commitment. There are even those who say that a relationship from the date my age pricing is not a feeling but a commitment. Those who came into marriage must then love each other no matter what.

In a perfect world, this would be possible. But why is it that there are many couples breaking up even when they started out being in love with each other? The answer could be that being in love does not necessarily mean loving. A lot of people may have this statement, but there is a psychological impression that the two are essentially different.

Being in love means having a cloud nine feeling especially when the person is spending time with the one he loves. More so, it also means that the person will do anything and may forget all the reasons just to be beside with whom he loves. Being in love usually makes one a fool, forgetting everything and everyone else in his life just to be with that person. When you are in a relationship, you become restless when that other person is not around. Experts even say being in the state of a relationship is nearly the same as having been infatuated with someone.

Love is Patient and Considerate – Love vs Being in Love

On the other hand, the relationship is accepting a person for who he is and learning to live with that person despite his imperfections. Loving does not put the reasons on the side. As they say, love is patient and considerate. It is not something that will push one to hurt or neglect the other for its own sake. Most of all, loving means having peace of mind and being able to trust the other person completely. When this trust is broken, it is not the problem of the one who loves. It is the problem of the one who has caused the offense.

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These are the main differences between loving and being in love. These differences also prove that not all couples who marry actually love each other. If they were not able to endure the trials in their union, they probably did not really love each other. They were just too in the relationship at a certain point in their lives. But they were never really in a relationship with each other because they couldn’t seem to stay committed to each other.

For these and more, divorce happens and it becomes the only solution to allow two souls to be whole again individually and recover from whatever pains they endured together. After all, humans are as they are. They are not excused from committing an error, even in choosing their life partners.

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