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A Female Eye It is said that it is the first seconds that determine how others perceive us. Women and men judge each other based on their behavior, appearance or beliefs. Based on this, both sides form their opinions and decide whether they perceive the person positively or not. Therefore, each of us tries to create our image and make the best impression on the opposite sex. But does self-presentation make any difference to getting to know people online? But do offline rules also apply online?

Of Course!

Over a thousand women looking for a relationship through our portal took part in the survey in which we asked them a number of questions about what information on male profiles is the most important in their opinion and which men on dating sites attract their attention. The results of the survey can be a valuable hint for men, which information should be posted on their profiles to encourage ladies to make friends with them.

So what is the most important thing? – A Female Eye

The respondents indicated two categories on the profiles that draw their attention the most – these are age and marital status. It is worth emphasizing that this is key information not only in making friends online, but also in getting to know potential partners outside of dating websites. Education turned out to be another important category. Most of the users, as many as 61% of the respondents, value higher education in men. Another piece of information that Users pay attention to is their religion. Interestingly, the category that ranked high in fifth is growth. The appearance is therefore not without significance. The respondents decided that the information on how high a given User is is more important than such categories as: city, attitude towards children, voivodeship or opinion about alcohol or cigarettes.

And what do the ladies pay attention to at least? – A Female Eye

According to the respondents, the color of hair and eyes is not of great importance. Information about entertainment and sports is also less important for women. YourChristianDate Moreover, only 3.2% of the respondents admitted that they pay attention to the profession of a potential candidate.

In the survey, we also asked which values ​​are the most important for women when choosing a partner. The vast majority of respondents replied that such a value is the approach to marriage. When looking for a partner, it is one of the most basic information, so the choice of respondents is not a surprise. Moreover, for the Users of our website, faith is also important. The field of religion in the ranking came in high, second place.

Male Profiles With a Female Eye  AnastesiadatescamOn the other hand, the field concerning political views attracts the least attention of women. Only 5.5% of the respondents. The user believes that political beliefs are of great importance when choosing a partner.

It is worth noting that the ladies in the survey clearly stated that a well-completed profile is one that attracts their attention. Women appreciate honesty and openness when it comes to virtual contacts. Most respondents admitted that they always read profiles thoroughly. They pay attention to the basic information, values, interests and characteristics posted by men.

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This shows that before establishing a relationship with someone, ladies want to find out if the person is one they would like to establish contact with. Lack of information in one field or another can prevent women from making a decision about making friends. A man with a carefully completed profile therefore has a much greater chance of getting their interest and attention.

The Women Also Emphasized The Essence of the Profile Picture.

Eight out of ten Users, using the search engine on the portal, check the box “with a photo only”. Some of the surveyed women confirmed this and replied that they did not respond to messages from people who did not have any photos. Who we meet and what this person looks like matters. This is especially important when looking for a partner. A good profile picture can help a lot here.

Over 80% of the surveyed Users answered that profiles with photos are more reliable for them than those without any photos. This shows that a User with a profile photo is more positively received from the very beginning than one who does not post such a photo. So it has a very large impact on the attractiveness of male profiles on dating websites

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