Should You Talk About Religion On a First Date?

There’s a laundry list of things that people say you Religion On a First Date shouldn’t talk about on a first date—money, politics, and, yes, religion. But are “people” right? Should you follow these “rules?” In this article, we’re going to answer that question. We’ll help you decide once and for all if it’s okay to talk about your religion on a first date.

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The Purpose of a First Date

It’s important to remember that the entire purpose of a first date is to find out if there is any potential of compatibility with the person you’re going out with. The main goals are NOT to see if you can impress them or have the most fun. Yes, those are things that are great and awesome secondary goals. However, the real purpose of going on a date is to find out (while having fun) if you two might be compatible. This is something important to remember as we dig into whether or not you should be talking about religion on a first date. Let’s continue on.

Is Your Religion Important to You?

The first question you need to answer is how important your religion is to you. Is it something that is a must-have in a partner? Is it a deal breaker that you can’t live without? Or is it something that you’re just casual with, and you’re okay dating someone who doesn’t share the same faith? These aren’t questions we can answer for you. But the answers to these questions will dictate if you should talk about religion on a first date.

It’s something that is important to you and you’re looking for a serious relationship, bring it up! They have the same faith and feelings as you, awesome! Don’t, you got the privilege of finding out before wasting several dates, money, and time on someone you won’t be compatible TripTogether with long term. If it’s not important to you, no need to bring it up. If it comes up, no worries. It’s just not something that you should be looking for opportunities to bring up.

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Is Religion Important to Your Date?

Remember, first dates are not just about you—they’re about two people. That means that while you’re here trying to think about what you want to talk about on the first date, your date is doing the same thing. And if religion is something that’s important to them, it may be something that they want to talk about on the date.

So, no matter where you stand, it’s probably a good idea to at least be prepared to talk about the subject. Remember, as we mentioned, first dates are not about saying the right things and trying to have all the right answers. It’s about determining future compatibility, which is really easy to do when you start talking about more intimate subjects like religion.

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The Answer – Is It Okay to Talk About Religion On a First Date?

Yes! You are completely free to talk about literally anything that you want to on a first date. You may have heard “rules” before that say it’s not cool. But those are just made up and shouldn’t dictate how you live your life.

If religion is important to you and it’s important your new date feels. The same way, bring it up! If you couldn’t care less about religion or it’s just a casual thing for you. It’s probably not something that needs to be on your list of must-talk-about topics. The bottom line is that you can talk about. Whatever you want on a date, including religion. And if it’s a big piece of your life and really helps to make up. Who you are, then it’s certainly worth talking about!

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